The PatentoPet® Hands Free Leash

Uncomplicated and convenient…

From now on, enjoy the sporty and active moments together with your dog and the PatentoPet® hands-free leash!

This innovative leash attaches to the wrist and, with its integrated roll-up system, is the most convenient way to keep the dog under control during activities.

The leash has reflective stitching for added safety and a mini zippered pocket for storing various items.

Manufactured from weather-resistant nylon, the free-hand leash also has a chrome-plated carabiner and the possibility of individual adjustment with snaps in the bracelet.

  • Integrated roll-up system and mini pocket for change, keys, etc.
  • Customizable
  • Weather-resistant nylon
  • Reflective seams
  • Chrome plated carabiner

Functionality PatentoPet® Hands Free Leash
A great solution for jogger and every pet owner which love to have pure liberty of action and plenty of mobility!

Our PatentoPet® Hands Free Leash is easily fixed around the wrist and can be quick rolled on and off from this. A quick release systems prevents for injuries and the Hands Free Leash is additional equipped with reflective stitching to be visible at night and twilight.

Hands Free Leash

Technical characteristics
Measures 110 x 1,0 cm
Colors black
Product characteristics
  • Weatherproof nylon
  • Reflective stitching for high visibility
  • Quality snap hook
  • Adjusting mechanism for easy handling
  • Minipocket with zipper